Jessica & Mike
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on Friday,
May 3rd, 2013
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I will attend the wedding on May 3rd, 2013. I cannot attend the wedding.
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Jessica Anne Gondela bride
Michael Allen Schwarz groom
With her warm, friendly smile, Jessica caught my eye on one of our first shifts that we worked together in the emergency department at the Mayo Clinic. I could tell immediately that she had a compassionate heart. Just a few weeks later Jessica volunteered to search for my lost kitty, and it was at that moment that she captured my heart. She is a wonderful, smart, beautiful woman and I’m truly blessed to have met her. Jessica is my best friend, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. I first met Mike as an intern in the emergency department at Mayo Clinic. What impressed me about him was his genuine concern for his patients. As I grew to know him, we discovered that we also shared many interests. Some of our favorites are biking on the trails in Rochester, going out for a nice meal and watching our favorite show—Breaking Bad. Mike is a compassionate, respectful and intellectual man, and May cannot come soon enough to marry the love of my life.
Photos taken by Camelot Photography.
Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Sarah Gondela / sister Sarah, a.k.a. “mini-me”, is my kid sister. She is brilliant and beautiful, along with being a world-traveler, pilot of small aircraft and fluent speaker of Spanish.
Mitch Hardsaw / nephew My nephew and the brother I never had. He once survived a 2-hour car ride with a kitty and bag of ice on his lap preventing Boo from overheating in 100˚F+ heat.
Jennifer Woo / friend Jen has been one of my best friends since tenth grade. Jen is bright, hilarious and kind-hearted; she has always been like a sister to me and Sarah.
Jared Philippi / friend Childhood friend and fantasy football arch-rival. Jared is an avid traveler with a passport as thick as a Bible. He’s the only person in the world I’d wear a kilt for.
Caitlin Dunham / friend Caitlin was my mentee and roommate in medical school. She has incredible culinary skills! Caitlin was my fellow explorer of Florida’s Treasure Coast on weekends.
Josh Rosefelt / friend Fellow pill wizard and parlay champion. During our excursions abroad we learned the true value of 500 Czech Kourna in violating the Praha Subway laws.
Britney Gallivan / friend Britney is another one of my best friends forever. Sticking by my side since college, she has a nack for being there for me when I need her most.
Travis Sagedhl / friend Partner in crime since 6th grade and music-going comrade. My favorite New Year’s was spent with Travis, The White Stripes and The Flaming Lips in Chicago.
Katie Willard / cousin Katie is my one and only female cousin, known familiarly as “cuz-cuz”. She is absolutely one of the most thoughtful and caring members of our family.
Ali Toumadj / friend Apothecary genius and fellow Radiohead fanatic. Ali taught me just enough Farsi to survive (well, “get myself into trouble”) on the streets of Tehran.
Event details
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Thanks to everyone
Designed and coded with love for Jessica & Mike
by Sarah Gondela & Alvaro Marambio, one of the maids of honor and her boyfriend.